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Monday, May 15, 2017

Locate Your Organization

Locate Your Organization
I originally started this project to display advertisements for products and services etc so as to allow interested parties to be able to fill in an online query form to express any interest and establish contact!
Taking this further I came up with the idea of displaying a map with the location of the organization. This was then taken further by introducing groups so that a number of organizations could be shown on the map.
So far, I have set up a few locations for people I know, eg bars, cafes etc, see:-
I would usually charge $30 per entry for this service, $10 per year thereafter with the client providing organization name, some description, a document with what they would want to appear and latitude and longitude for their location for the map. Additionally, group information would be needed for them to appear on group maps if so desired.
Further to this, I then thought this might be of interest to larger organizations such as for example super markets, chain stores and even government and departments, not forgetting state education establishments!
Obviously if a larger organization wanted to be a part of this then discounts would be needed depending on the number of locations. This would then allow a supermarket for example to see a map of its supermarkets throughout the country or by region etc! Different map icons could for example differentiate between different types of store, even with the organization logo!