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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Is Empowr a scam or Ponzi scheme?

Is Empowr a scam or Ponzi scheme?

This is what Empowr says about itself:-
The world’s first democratic social platform, where the profits and control of the company belong to you.
Our mission: To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.
Say something. Every time someone reads it, you earn!
Post a photo. Each time it’s viewed, you earn!
Share a YouTube video. When it’s watched, you earn!
Empowr is working to achieve its long-term goal for 97% of receipts that come into the empowr economy, from any source, to go out to its citizens. The other 3% will be utilized towards the costs of running the company. To be clear, this is a long-term goal that the Empowr community has not yet achieved. Everyone is working diligently to grow the Empowr economy in order to accomplish it.
The following is what others say:-

Empowr used to be known as FanBox and some say that was a scam See https://barenakedscam.com/fanbox

See http://empowr.com.hypestat.com/ for stats!

After receiving several invitations, I joined Empowr in June 2016 to see what it was all about. The video training is very good although once I knew more it is somewhat misleading in places. It looked like Empowr could provide a reasonable income if I persevered do I did. The training constantly refers to Listing - auctioning or fixed price selling though it does also stress that sponsoring is also acceptable! I went for sponsoring because from what I knew, EBay or Amazon would be better for selling, though Empowr allows you to sponsor items bought! As you progress you are awarded a colour then stripes and a star to indicate your level in the hierarchy, and at the same time your workload is increased!

I am not yet saying Empowr is a scam though it is looking more and more so, as of course do lots do lots of other Internet money making schemes.
I must say however that the Empowr system whilst very complex is the worst system I have had the misfortune to have had to use with all its bugs and glitches. They do claim however that it is "experimental" - don't make me laugh!

Jobs: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Empowr https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/empowr-Jobs-E769591.htm
Complaints: https://www.complaintsboard.com/empowr-b126972

For those interested, a few tips/pointers:-
1. Post daily as many photos, messages as you are able to
2. Bid on stuff too as the seller should join your circle of trust, increasing your earnings
3. Try also to reach your like/share goal, also note that a "Like" on a List item will generate income for you if sold from your page!
4. List stuff, or at least sponsor
5. Fan people and hopefully they'll reciprocate but try to pick people who are active

"Close the Loop" is what it's all about, or so it is claimed!
Make sure too that you watch the video training though some of it is very misleading!
Here are some more tips given to me by a more experienced "citizen":-
Don't count on just your swiping on the circle of trust, expand your search to make it more
productive. Here are my personal Circle of Trust tips. (They're not official)
The system automatically cycles up people that have recently been active but some of those are just
newly joined and many will ultimately never do anything but to go dormant. I feel like to share with a
basic orange that hasn't posted anything but the two automatic first ones is likely a waste of a
precious share. And just looking at them before moving on is a waste of time too. What I'm saying
here is that I personally don't use the arrow very often for cycling. Instead, I mostly use other
methods of finding people for my circle.
Tip # 1. I think if a person bids on an item then I want them in my circle so they can buy from me
too. So as I'm surfing, I look for sale articles that have quite a few bids. I open up the bids and share
with the bidders.
Tip # 2. Instead of using the arrow, I'll use my notifications instead. This shows me who has bid,
commented or become a fan. In other words, it shows me active Empowr citizens for me to interact
Tip # 3. I use the people I trust page off of the left sidebar. The people I've shared with most often
there have a fairly hefty price tag of shares needed to close the loop so I'll look to see if I can bid on a
cheap item instead. But these trusted people are well worth spending the shares on because they will
be sharing back often and helping you earn.
Tip # 4. When I do use the arrow slider, I don't always spend shares on Basic Orange with no post (or
only one post) but I will become a fan before moving on. Then if they do become more active, they
might see that I'm a fan.
Tip # 5. Go to your news feed page and see what your circle-of-trust mates are sharing and liking. I
found this one only recently but I really like it.
Tip # 6. Whenever I can, try to get the higher power level people to share with me. A like or a
comment from a red, purple, teal or sky is worth more to earnings than an orange, green or blue is.
The higher, the better, but keep sharing with the lower too.
Tip # 7. - Find a blog post with many people commenting, like one of the President's or other posts in
'What's New”. Scroll down the comments and share with people that have open loops there.
Tip # 8 - The loop does NOT have to be open for the share to count. So even if loop is still closed, you can add a couple of likes or comments just to remind your circle of trust mate that you are visiting.
Tip # 9. This is my best tip. Put a star beside the name of people who want to help you earn. These
would include your friends, people closest to you, and maybe even me. See Screenshot

A word of warning - Empowr regularly asks you to "protect your account" - this is a bit of a scam as
they just want access to your credit card or PayPal account so they can "steal" money! Apparently now for some things they can check whether you have at least $30 available - a breach of privacy surely?

As of 16/08/17 my balance is $288,709, revenue $503,683, last 3- day "earnings" $126,567 so
deductions are $204,974! Empowr claims to pay 97% so I have earned them more than $6000 with
the rest at almost $200,000 going elsewhere, probably to higher ranking "citizens"!

I have been on Empowr just over 14 months and have put well over 1,000 hours work.//effort in but up to now and haven't had so much as a brass farthing

From the bullshit spun in the training videos, whilst it does seem reasonable, just doesn't materialize! Being realistic I thought perhaps I would see a return on the time I had invested but oh no! They just move the goal posts as you move up the ladder!

Looks a bit like a Ponzi scheme does it not? In all fairness, I am unsure so far! I asked my "Success Coach" for proof of earnings but so far nothing!

To be fair though Empowr claims to be an economy thus money must be flowing. As regarding earnings they always point to "90 Day Maturity" though this isn't on a rolling 90 days and can be more like 120 days!

Empowr also provide a lot of video training plus they allocate the "citizen" a "Success Coach" who is supposedly there to help with any problems , but this "Success Coach" is paid based on the earnings of those looked after so the motivation may well be questionable!

It looks to me now that the only way to make a decent profit on Empowr is:-
  1. Reach the top - level Sky star
  2. Sell a hell of a lot and regularly achieve the Daily Goals
  3. Be a Success Coach!
  4. Live in a Western country such as the US, UK, Australia etc - I am in Thailand and south Asian culture dictates avoid conflict, thus don't complain and I suspect Empowr take advantage of this by giving them less priority!
It may well be one from the above or all four!

If you are interested in trying it see www.empowr.com/JohnAGregory