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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Empowr Success Coach

The Empowr Success Coach
From http://empowr-tests.blogspot.com/2016/09/coaching.html
What Is A Success Coach?
What is a Success Coach and what do they do?
Success Coaches help other citizens learn how to succeed on empowr. Through helping others earn, Success Coaches help empowr achieve its mission – improving lives around the world.
How do you become a Success Coach?
To become a Success Coach, you need to first achieve success yourself, as well as demonstrate that you have thorough knowledge of the empowr platform.
Once you have reached the Orange Star Power Level, you’ll become eligible to take the Success Coach exam. By successfully completing the exam, you will officially become a Success Coach and will begin receiving clients to teach.

What are the responsibilities of a Success Coach?
    Answer client questions: Answer all questions within 24 hours, with the goal of answering them in 9 hours or less.
    Assist clients with strategizing how they can maximize their earning potential: empowr gives its citizens a lot of choices; specifically when it comes to paying fees and reaching power levels. It’s important that your client fully understand their goals, and how to achieve them.
    Moderate and approve ads and marketplace listings: Marketplace listings and ads should be moderated within 24 hours
    Stay updated: Read the SC Blog and the Presidential Blog to stay informed of any site updates or new features. Use the Learning Center as a resource to find answers.
    Be available: Coaches commit to being online every day (unless they're on vacation) to help other citizens succeed
    Be positive: Coaches must lead by example, and remain positive community citizens, and adhere to the Terms and Services.

See also http://empowr-tests.blogspot.com/2016/09/understanding-empowr-mission.html

Note that there's no mention of any compensation and I'm pretty sure now they don't do it for nothing! I am guessing that the Success Coach gets paid depending on how much their "students" actually sell or pay into the various Empowr scams such as "Mission Role" and "Mission Wheel"! It has been noticable for me that my last 3 Success Coaches have constantly spammed me to try and persuade me to pay into the various scams. I do believe that the only way for anyone to be paid decently in Empowr is to become a Success Coach as I'm sure the majority of them are "owed" considerable amounts by Empowr and feel that this is he only way to be paid, but then the question is,
have they actually made a real profit adding everything up?

At the end of the day they are only minions to Empowr and of course just because they have been scammed does not give them any rights at all to scam others!

Please see also http://jageze.blogspot.com/2017/11/the-biggest-ponzi-scam-on-net.html and