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Monday, December 24, 2018

WARNING - a scam?

I have been using to store my BitCoins since April 2017 to hold BitCoins I have earned from several places. All appeared to be above board (being the trusting soul that I am and all the security BitCoinWallet claimed to have, I hadn't logged in for quite some time) until a couple of weeks ago when I attempted to sign in with:-

After entering username and password:-

But no email is received with the code to proceed! I've checked out everuything and I'm convinced no email is ever sent so is this:-
A technical problem with
Has been hacked?
Is a scam?

Using on my Public address 1cXzsWU34hc4vhDUbT1eCTEc3KKVCkYit I see this:-

It can be seen that attempts have been mad to withdraw more than the balance! Not - I have NEVER withdrawn any amount from this wallet!
BTC 0.00392546 - is missing, stolen --- around $15... Not much one might think but imagine how many thousands of accounts there might be thus the total amount pludered could be massive!

A link to this blog has been sent to Interpol and the FBI...

More info about them on mentioning in particular Price Givens and Alex Charfen! I have tried contacting them on but no surprise, no answer! Interestingly I was advised to use this wallet by site and there is no response from these people either!

My conclusion here: either the site has been hacked and the system compromised OR the whole thing is a scam run by criminals!

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