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Friday, February 7, 2020

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Five Pillars Capital Term Sheet

Minimum Investment: £20,000 GBP, €20,000 EUR,
$20,000 USD
Maximum Capital Raising: £10,500,000 Structure of Capital
Raising: To raise up to £10.5 million of capital through the issue of
loan notes.
Phase One Raise: £3,000,000 Five Pillars Capital has split the
maximum capital raise into 3 phases. This is to accommodate
market fluctuations, thus ensuring that each raise takes into
account prevailing market conditions which safeguards investors.
Project Term: 24-36 months to complete planning
permission, construction and re-sale of all units
Investment Opportunity
To invest, via the issuance of loan notes, in a UK limited
company specialising in the pursuit of profit via the
acquisition, development and re-sale of a piece of land and
property near Heathrow, London.
Profit Generation
Achieved by acquiring this under-utilised, prime location
property and land asset, to provide the opportunity for profit
to be realised at the point of site disposal via re-development/
construction and subsequent re-sale of all units.
Security to Investors: The investment is secured by way of a
debenture over Five Pillars Capital and a Corporate Guarantee
issued by the guarantor (ASJ Facilities Building Management
Ltd) in favour of the security trustee. This is to guarantee the
obligations of Five Pillars Capital to repay the note holders.
Set-up and Distributions
The Company is set up to deliver a single land /property
acquisition and re-sale project in the vicinity of Southall,
London and, upon project completion, to realise its
assets, meet liabilities, prepare final accounts and make
distributions, before it ceases to trade and is legitimately
Closing Date: 14th December 2019 – This date may be
subject to change at the discretion of the Company Directors.
Summary of Terms
This summary of Terms is not intended to be legally binding.
This Summary of Terms shall be governed and construed in
accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
2 Year Annual Interest Option
£100,000 investment will return you the following on the
annual interest option.
Year Annual Returns Total Annual Interest
1 12% return £12,000 interest
2 12% return £12,000 interest
Original Capital £100,000
Interest £24,000
Total Repayment £124,000
Investment ROI 24%
Interest paid at 12 & 24 month anniversary
3 Year Interest Option with Final Bonus
£100,000 investment will return you the following on the
interest option with final bonus.
Year Annual Returns Total Annual Interest
1 12% £12,000 interest
2 12% £12,000 interest
3 12% + 6% bonus £18,000 interest
Original Capital £100,000
Interest £42,000
Total Repayment £142,000
Investment ROI 42%
Interest and bonus paid at 36 months, at the end of the
investment term
Loan Note Completion
The Two Year Loan Note will be deemed completed upon final
payment. This payment will be made within 30 days of the 24
months anniversary. This payment will include the second
interest payment and return of capital.
The Three Year Loan Note will be deemed completed upon
final payment. This payment will be made within 30 days of
the 36 month anniversary. This payment will include ALL of
the interest for the 3 year term, the bonus payment and return
of capital.
Heathrow Skyline is an exciting project in the heart of
Southall, West London. Close to Hanwell and Ealing, Southall
is a lively area, loved for its vibrancy and rich history. The
site is located in the core of Southall, with both the railway
line (within six minutes to Southall Station) and bus links
in close proximity. Currently surrounded by open parklands,
green space and the famous ‘Broadway’, the site provides
quick access to central London and also a swift exit from the
city altogether, with good links to the M25, M4, A40 and the
North Circular, and Uxbridge Road running alongside. Major
international flight hub, Heathrow Airport, is only a 15 minute
drive from the site.
Strong Foundations
We offer what we believe to be a rarity; an experience-led,
supportive structure usually only found in higher-level
investment opportunities. Through a new company - formed
for the exclusive purposes of the Heathrow Skyline project
for the benefit of its investors – the potential for profit is built
upon a strong foundation of well-connected and qualified
experts in relevant disciplines. Between them, the Principals
and Management Team have decades of experience in private
equity, banking, real estate, architecture, construction and
corporate finance, as well as sound knowledge of market
factors and ‘on the ground’ deal-making expertise. Blue chip
advisers provide due diligence.
Heathrow Skyline Limited
73 Portway
E15 3QJ
Company Reg No. 11552903
Five Pillars Capital Limited
5 Chancery Lane
London EC4A 1BL
T: +44(0)207 406 7503
E: info@fivepillarscapital.co.uk
Company Reg No. 11275680
Click here for PDF version of the above.
For more information click here or see below.