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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

HNW Investors - Arbitrage trading opportunity with 3rd party insurance policy

What is Tier 1 Trading?
Tier 1 trading is where banks essentially operate a buy/sell program; they buy securities from issuing banks (they themselves could be the issuing bank) and sell to a buyer at a discount. The trader is the middleman within the transaction, positioning the bank and buyer as a back to back. Profit depends on the size of the discount negotiated and the price paid. 
Instruments are worth billions of dollars so even though a trader might only make 5% per trade, through volume substantial profits are made, typically traders trade six to ten trades per week. 
The Arbitrage element is a pre-existing market standard meaning that the trader in the middle won’t contract to purchase the security until he has a contracted sale to the buyer.
The contract ensures that when the trader purchases the instrument he can simultaneously close on his contract with the buyer. Investors protection is with the transaction process – it’s an accepted methodology and sequence of events, successfully operated for decades since WW2.
Lloyds of London 3rd Party Insurance, Client's money in a Non Depletion A/c 
Both investors Capital and coupon is fully insured against failure. The Lloyds of London Broker has conducted extensive due diligence into the mythology behind this trading strategy, concluded investors capital and coupon is secured and effected a policy in favour of the provider. At all times Investors money is secured within a Non-Depletion a/c with a major UK Bank.
Investor Returns 
Coupon payments of 20% per annum are paid quarterly in arrears for the full 12-month bond investment term.

This product has no initial placement fee but extremely attractive monthly recurring fees based on performance for introducers. Drop me an email and I can explain further. The offering is only suitable for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.

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