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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Investor's Roller Coaster Ride

The COVID-19 Investor's Roller Coaster Ride

So maybe the ups and downs of stock, shares, forex, oil and even crypto are too much to handle and the 2% (if you're lucky) that the banks have to offer isn't good enough for you then consider what is available below...

Even this paying 4.08% pa might be of interest - see here
plus, if you use a browser a lot, on any device, there's a Chrome browser addition that will mine BitCoins for you whilst you browse - get it here - even more can be made by passing on your personal link to others - I know of someone making more than $100 per month from this!

Non correlated assets are a key part of a client's portfolio. We have 12/24 month investments, asset backed and excellent returns, to find out more email info@fngassociates.com or see https://fngassociates.com

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