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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Great Deal on Gold!

A Great Deal on Gold!

  • Buy physical Gold Bullion at LBMA Spot price and be rewarded with bonus gold at no additional cost
  • Delivered monthly in 24 equal instalments to a globally respected Vault in Switzerland
  • Bonus gold also delivered over 24 months @ equivalent 1 oz per $100K USD purchase
  • With bonus gold, the purchase as a whole is at an 'effective' discount of around 26% on LBMA market price
  • All Gold is 24KT, 999.9 purity from LBMA licenced refineries.
  • Delivery, Secure Storage and Insurance charges are included within the purchase price
  • Once Gold is delivered it can be sold at any time
  • Simple purchase process starting from $25,000 USD. Other currency options available
  • Monthly statement of account from the Vault provider, showing gold bullion delivered and stored
  • The ability to freely market in most markets, as the PPM APDG is a physical purchase, not an investment.

Please email info@fngassociates.com for a PPM APDG brochure

Non correlated assets are a key part of a clients portfolio. We have 12/24/36 month investments, with varying coupons, Physical Gold with an effective 26% discount, off market UK property deals. All asset-backed with validated collateral, low stock market correlation, managed by experienced asset managers and excellent returns.
To find out more email info@fngassociates.com or see https://fngassociates.com

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