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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Gold Price Breaks Through $1,800!

Gold Price Breaks Through $1,800!

Following last the Gold spot price breaking through $1,800 the highest since 2011, a recent interview on Bloomberg's the Open, host Jonathan Ferro, interviewing Francisco Blanch of BOFA securities discussing gold going to $3,000 I think this video is worth watching especially as Francisco points out that Investors cash reserves, retail and institutional is increasing earning next to nothing in interest rates and possible deflation (negative inflation),  -3.5%  

  • Buy physical Gold Bullion at LBMA Spot price and be rewarded with bonus gold at no additional cost
  • Delivered monthly in 24 equal instalments to a globally respected Vault in Switzerland
  • Bonus gold also delivered over 24 months @ equivalent 1 oz per $100K USD purchase
  • With bonus gold, the purchase as a whole is at an 'effective' discount of around 26% on LBMA market price
  • All Gold is 24KT, 999.9 purity from LBMA licenced refineries.
  • Delivery, Secure Storage and Insurance charges are included within the purchase price
  • Once Gold is delivered it can be sold at any time
  • Simple purchase process starting from $25,000 USD. Other currency options available
  • Monthly statement of account from the Vault provider, showing gold bullion delivered and stored
  • The ability to freely market in most markets, as the PPM APDG is a physical purchase, not an investment.

Please email info@fngassociates.com for a PPM APDG brochure

Non correlated assets are a key part of a clients portfolio. We have 12/24/36 month investments, with varying coupons, Physical Gold with an effective 26% discount, off market UK property deals. All asset-backed with validated collateral, low stock market correlation, managed by experienced asset managers and excellent returns. To find out more email info@fngassociates.com or see https://fngassociates.com

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