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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Can the IMF Be Trusted?


The IMF, the International Monetary Fund - are they to be trusted? Bear in mind too that they are a United Nations agency though they would claim to be independent, yet I'm sure all UN agencies follow the same script, ie the one provided by New World (Dis)Order!

A few months ago the IMF admitted that they had failed in warning the world of the implications of the COVID-19 plandemic - a sort of apology I guess, but it was far from a mistake on their part - it was deliberate, I'm sure!

A lot of businessmen especially those in the finance sector set great store on the utterances by the IMF which on the face of it is quite logical isn't it? But, bear in mind that these utterances could be a slick way of the IMF imposing its will, globally!

Back in the 90s when I naively trusted the news and press, I moved to the Netherlands to live and work and once I'd mastered Dutch, it became apparent to me that every now and then the Dutch government could get what they wanted by manipulating the news media! For example, the economy was in dire straits yet  suddenly a report would appear in several newspapers stating for example that the economy would be back on track by the next quarter whilst there was no logical reason to say this! Yet, lo and behold, the economy did get better as those who did have money to spare, spent some, production increased to cater for this and thus more were gainfully employed! A clever trick don't you think?

A colleague sent me this :-

"Which countries are more vulnerable? Additional analysis in the Regional Economic Outlook for Asia-Pacific suggests that the effect is stronger when income inequality is already high to begin with"
Interestingly the IMF World Economic Outlook, published in October this year points to Emerging Markets and Developing Economies bouncing back quicker in 2021".
One of the articles  https://blogs.imf.org/2020/12/11/when-inequality-is-high-pandemics-can-fuel-social-unrest/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery which IMHO is to try and stir things up especially by inciting civil unrest. The other part is I'm sure a manner of luring the wealthy greedy gullible "investor" into shifting their resources from the West to these so-called emerging markets! Maybe you aren't yet aware that the ultimate goal of NW(Dis)O is the destruction of the West at all levels and all of what comes from them is propaganda to influence so that they eventually achieve their goal!

All the Marxists I'm sure will be rubbing their hands with glee at the imminent destruction of the West and what they call "Capitalism" but, Marxism, be it socialism or communist won't be the end result! Neo-feudalism will come, setting mankind back many centuries!

Agree or disagree, certainly food for thought is it not?


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