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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cowboy Builder?

Anybody any experience/knowledge of a “builder” Joe “JoJo” McKeen (dob 23/03/57)? He was also known as “Snow White/Snieuw witje” - for obvious reasons. He appears to operate the companies Headingley Restorations, Complete Restoration, EnergySave NL, and maybe more.
He was active in Amsterdam for a couple of years, finally "doing a runner" in November 2010 after vandalising the interior of the top half of our house by throwing paint over most of the floors. It seems he was being sought by other people and authorities.
He moved into the top half of our house (a listed building, built in the 17th century) in Amsterdam August/September 2008 – he was about to become homeless so we offered him a place to stay in return for his working to get the place in a liveable condition. The first thing he did was to throw out the current occupant, a homeless man who we had allowed to stay, paying a token rent to cover expenses. He then went on to demolish a floor in the top half of the rear outbuilding disregarding any building regulations and necessary permits/permissions, even mine! During his stay, he carried out several "renovations" without even asking our permission! Almost all of the "work" he carried out was rejected as unfit by the local authorities!
When we eventually asked him to pay his share of the house expenses he took us to the local rent tribunal – somewhat hypocritical, as he wasn't paying any "rent" at all, even renting out his own house in Leeds, probably charging an exorbitant rent!
During his time in Amsterdam, he undertook several "projects", taking in tens of thousands of Euros seemingly without paying a cent of tax anywhere, or adhering to the local building regulations!

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