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Saturday, November 26, 2011

JAGeDTL Language Learning Software

An Introduction.
I started this project more than ten years ago, initially to extend my Dutch vocabulary and also to test myself.
To enable this, I wrote 3 programs:-
    Master - Allows entry and linking of words
    List     - A vocabulary list
    Test    - To test the user's vocabulary
Since the project began, additional languages were added. The current languages are English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Hindi and Russian.
The list and test programs can be set up to contain any 2 combinations of the above languages.
The List and Test programs are a Shareware package costing €10 - free to use for a 30 day trial period.
The following packages are now available for all windows platforms:-
    English        <=>    Dutch
    English        <=>    German
    English        <=>    French
    English        <=>    Spanish
    English        <=>    Italian
    English        <=>    Portuguese
    English        <=>    Chinese
    English        <=>    Russian
    English        <=>    Hindi
    Dutch         <=>    German
    Dutch         <=>    French
    Dutch         <=>    Spanish
    Dutch         <=>    Italian
    Dutch         <=>    Portuguese
    Dutch         <=>    Chinese
    Dutch         <=>    Russian
    Dutch         <=>    Hindi
    German      <=>    French
    German      <=>    Spanish
    German      <=>    Italian
    German      <=>    Portuguese
    German      <=>    Chinese
    German      <=>    Russian
    German      <=>    Hindi
    French       <=>    Spanish
    French       <=>    Italian
    French       <=>    Portuguese
    French       <=>    Chinese
    French       <=>    Russian
    French       <=>    Hindi
    Portuguese <=>    Spanish
    Portuguese <=>    Italian
    Portuguese <=>    Chinese
    Portuguese <=>    Russian
    Portuguese <=>    Hindi
    Spanish      <=>    Italian
    Spanish      <=>    Chinese
    Spanish      <=>    Russian
    Spanish      <=>    Hindi
    Italian        <=>    Chinese
    Italian        <=>    Russian
    Italian        <=>    Hindi
    Thai          <=>    English
    Thai          <=>    Dutch
    Thai          <=>    German
    Thai          <=>    French
    Thai          <=>    Portuguese
    Thai          <=>    Spanish
    Thai          <=>    Italian
    Thai          <=>    Chinese
Transliteration (to latin characters) is being worked on for the oriental languages, Thai and Chinese, and also Russian.
All packages are reversible - eg English<=>Russian can be configured to be Russian<=>English!
Within the Test program, there is the ability to test on sentences with missing words, but this is not yet publicly available as I only have a Dutch version.
These packages are available for download at JAGeZe - Language Learning Software
Most of the English language packages are also available to download on CNET and Brothersoft.

1 comment:

  1. This is a technologically advanced method for learning a second language that uses only audio programs to help you understand native speakers and be able to quickly speak the language. Unlike traditional methods of teaching a second language, the Pimsleur Approach does not use written materials or even require you to interact on the computer.