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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Internet Dating

As internet and online dating seems to be on the up, I thought I'd list my experiences, which might be of help. I was lucky but there are a lot of pitfalls!

Some years ago I decided to go on holiday to the far east as I'd never been there before and had heard that it was so beautiful. As I was going to go on the trip alone, I thought I'd have a look at an internet dating site to see if I could make one or two friends before I went, as I planned to go to the Philippines and also to Thailand.
I signed up with date.com (free option) and just had a look round. I was soon contacted by a nice Philippine girl who eventually invited me to Cagayan d'Oro to visit. With this, I decided to book my trip. While I was booking my flights there was a bit of hullabaloo! I asked what was going on and was told world war 3 had broken out – it was 9th September 2001! I still booked my flights though – a week in the Philippines, followed by a week in Thailand!
I decided to go back to the dating site to see who I could meet up with whilst in Thailand. I eventually made contact with 2 women who I arranged to meet, one in Bangkok, one on Koh Samui. Before I left on my trip, I was in regular contact with the girl in Bangkok, and our relationship blossomed!
So, I left on my trip, flying first to Manilla with an overnight stop in Taipei and then on to Cagayan d'Oro. When I arrived I was met by my friend, she'd booked me into a hotel for my stay. I had a great week, my friend showed the things to see, but we never clicked romantically, even though I still consider her to be a friend!
I then flew back to Bangkok (I'd traveled through on my way to the Philippines) and was met at the airport by my friend and her brother. She'd booked us into a luxury apartment in the centre of Bangkok, showed me the things to see, and love blossomed!
On my return I started with arranging a visa so my now girlfriend could come and visit me in Europe. After a couple of months she came over and we decided we would get married.
A couple of months later, once the immigration papers had been arranged, we flew to Thailand where we were married!
We've now been married 10 years and have 2 beautiful daughters!

We've been lucky, but there are many pitfalls for people looking for a serious relationship on the internet!
A friend of my wife was drugged, raped and filmed by an American man in Bangkok.
There are a lot of people on social and dating sites pretending to be somebody else, often using photos of someone else to make themselves appear attractive or to hide their real identity or race. Some even pretend to have a different nationality or be resident in another country!

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