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Monday, January 30, 2012

Professional Football

Isn't ridiculous how much some professional football players “earn”, mega wage packets win or lose, with some of the prima-donnas getting far more in a year than the average working person can achieve in a lifetime? It's no wonder that a lot of football clubs are on the verge of bankruptcy, and that a lot of people can't even afford to go and watch a game.
Okay, sponsorship is one thing, but the current pay structure in the top clubs can't be sustainable with a lot of footballers just sucking the sport dry.
Maybe one option is to have a prize (a pot, such as for boxing) on all professional games with the winner taking all, excepting of course a much smaller amount of appearance money for the losing side?
Also, the state of refereeing appears questionable – inconsistency, incompetence etc. Isn't it time to ensure the professionalism of match officials by giving training were required, and also checking their quality? Why can't football introduce television refereeing and other electronic checking such as is used in tennis, rugby and cricket, at least in the higher professional game?

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