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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Internet Advertising

For some people seeing advertising all over internet web pages is irritating! To be fair, some web publishers do go over the top with their use of adverts, sometimes even interfering with page navigation within their own site.
Sometimes though, surfers don't seem to appreciate that web content does cost – if only somebody's efforts to produce something useful! Is it not reasonable that some authors would like (and maybe even deserve) to earn something for all their efforts? Some surfers even use so-called ad-blockers now to prevent ads disrupting their surfing!
There are many ways in which web site publishers can earn through the use of advertising. These include pay per click, pay per view and commission. Earning can vary depending on which scheme and company is used. Various forms of targeted advertising also play a part here.
With the floating of Facebook on the stock exchange, I'm sure things will develop as most of the value of Facebook is for advertising. - the ability for advertisers to target campaigns at people based on profile information! The question then is, will Facebook users allow their information to be used in this way?
Considering all of the above, is internet usage really free?
If required to do so, would a Facebook user carry on if a subscription fee was asked for? See Facebook: The challenges on the next page
Is WAZZUB an alternative?

For those with web sites wishing to monetize them, there are lots of players:-
  • Google Adsense
  • Yahoo Media
There are also advertising agencies who will pay to display their ads, but mainly paying only when the ad is clicked.These are worth checking out:-
There of course many others so it boils down to what suits you and your website!

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  1. would not restrict companies that create direct relationships with their users local search marketing