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Friday, July 26, 2013

Learning English?

As an aid for people learning English, I've written an Androd app for use on mobiles and tablets. This app contains hundreds of sentences graded:-
  • Beginner I
  • Beginner II
  • Average I
  • Average II
  • Advanced I
  • Advanced II
  • or all levels
 A sentence is display with between 1 and 3 missing words to be filled in by selecting the correct word from a list.
The free app, JAGTstSenEN can be downloaded here.
Please note that the number of sentences is being updated regularly!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kids and arithmetic

In these times of cuts in education, changing methods etc., it seems so kids are missing out on the 3Rs, specifically arithmetic!
To help my own kids, I wrote an Android app so they could test themselves - it can be downloaded here
This app is FREE!

Biorhythm Calculator

In order to practice and test my PHP skills, I've written a Biorhythm Calculator - free to use! It's only text based at the moment, I plan to add graphics later if I can.
Please try it at http://jagjag.biz/BioRhythms.php
There is alsoand Android v2.3 app available for download at http://jagjag.biz/software/appsoftware.php  - free to use!