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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Talking Android Apps

Talking Android Apps

Out of curiosity initially I looked into how to get Android apps to talk and found that Google do Text
To Speech (TTS), others do too but I chose this one as Android is from Google and should probably work on all (popular) devices!
My first speaking app was an English/Thai phrase test and look-up with the app being capable of

saying the phrase in both Thai and English:-
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTphENTH.apk - Test your English<=>Thai phrases with phrase lookup
I then heard my 10 year old daughter talking about the regular spelling tests she had to do at school
which gave me the idea of writing apps for kids to practice:-
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTEN.apk - Test your English Spelling
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTTH.apk - Test your Thai Spelling
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTNL.apk - Test your Dutch Spelling
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTZH.apk - Test your Chinese (Simplified) Spelling
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTDE.apk - Test your German Spelling
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSpellTES.apk - Test your Spanish Spelling
All these apps have a vocabulary of 11,000-15,000 words and this can be tested by selecting all, or by type and/or category as well as doing the supplied tests of 10-15 words per test.
I am seeking a definitive vocabulary list by age/group for the spelling tests apps even though I have some tests for Thai, English, Dutch and Spanish. I am aiming here both at the native and foreign language learner!
The following apps also "talk":-
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocENTH.apk - Test your English<=>Thai words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocENZH.apk - Test your English<=>Chinese words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocITTH.apk - Test your Italian<=>Thai words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocNLTH.apk - Test your Dutch<=>Thai words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocESTH.apk - Test your Spanish<=>Thai words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocDETH.apk - Test your German<=>Thai words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocENDE.apk - Test your English<=>German words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTstSenEN.apk - Test your English sentences by selecting the missing word(s) from a list.
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGTVocENRU.apk - Test your English<=>Russian words with word lookup
http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGSayIt.apk -  Speak what is entered or selected for share from another app. Useful for people learning a language or those having trouble reading small characters. English(UK/US/Aus), Thai. Chinese and Spanish.
The following reader apps make use of Tesseract and are of course dependent on the quality of the image! http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGReadTH.apk -Read Thai word by scanning or from a file and translate - useful for shopping etchttp://jagjag.biz/software/JAGReadZH.apk -Read Chinese word by scanning or from a file and translate - useful for shopping etc
All apps I have written can be installed from my version of a playstore app - http://jagjag.biz/software/JAGApps.apk For all languages! All apps can also be downloaded too from - http://jagjag.biz/software/appsoftware.phpFor Apple iOS users, emulators for Android are available - see http://iostechbuzz.com/android-emulator-for-ios-iandroid-iphone-ipad-download-without-jailbreaking/ for an example! The installation below is best done before the apps are run as at the moment it isn't possible to automatically install Google TTS from my apps - still researching this!
Android - How to Install and Enable Google Text-To-Speech
Here's how to install and enable Google Text-to-Speech on your Android device:-
    Open Google Play Store.
    Search for Google Text-to-Speech and install the app:
    Once installed, go to Settings > Language and Input > Speech > Text-to-speech output
    Set Google Text-to-Speech Engine as your preferred engine.
More details - http://ccm.net/faq/41080-android-how-to-install-and-enable-google-text-to-speech
TTS can also be downloaded from https://apkpure.com/google-text-to-speech/com.google.android.tts
Also, don't forget to check all volume controls on the device and also that the required language(s) has/have been set!
Chinese doesn't usually come with Android outside China so for Chinese keyboard apps see https://eastasiastudent.net/chinha/best-android-cinese-input-method/ and https://blog.swiftkey.com/swiftkey-chinese-officially-launches-on-android/ and more...

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