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Monday, September 25, 2017

Is vbmoney a scam?

Is vbmoney a scam?

I joined vbmoney in good faith and on the face of it, it looked promising!
In order to earn, the page displays a few ads and you have to enter a 4 digit number and voila, 10
cents is credited to your account!
The site says a minimum balance of $150 is required to cash out but when you try, it then tells you
that you need 40 referrals! It then tells you that you can buy these but only payments from BitCoin
accounts are allowed!
I have tried to contact but to no avail. I have searcghed the net but all I come across are reports
saying that this is a fake site!
To see for yourself go to
The site also claims that Adidas, Intel, LG, Nike Tag Heuer and Victorinox are its adevertisers so I will

try to contact these!

Watch this space...

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