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Monday, December 24, 2018

WARNING - BitCoinWallet.com a scam?

I have been using BitCoinWallet.com to store my BitCoins since April 2017 to hold BitCoins I have earned from several places. All appeared to be above board (being the trusting soul that I am and all the security BitCoinWallet claimed to have, I hadn't logged in for quite some time) until a couple of weeks ago when I attempted to sign in with:-

After entering username and password:-

But no email is received with the code to proceed! I've checked out everuything and I'm convinced no email is ever sent so is this:-
A technical problem with bitcoinwallet.com?
Has bitcoinwallet.com been hacked?
Is bitcoinwallet.com a scam?

Using https://bitcoinwhoswho.com/ on my Public address 1cXzsWU34hc4vhDUbT1eCTEc3KKVCkYit I see this:-

It can be seen that attempts have been mad to withdraw more than the balance! Not - I have NEVER withdrawn any amount from this wallet!
BTC 0.00392546 - is missing, stolen --- around $15... Not much one might think but imagine how many thousands of accounts there might be thus the total amount pludered could be massive!

A link to this blog has been sent to Interpol and the FBI...

More info about them on https://bitcoinwallet.com/about.php mentioning in particular Price Givens and Alex Charfen! I have tried contacting them on admin@bitcoinwallet.com but no surprise, no answer! Interestingly I was advised to use this wallet by site https://file.army and there is no response from these people either!

My conclusion here: either the site has been hacked and the system compromised OR the whole thing is a scam run by criminals!

This is what BitCoin Wallet say about themselves:-
BitcoinWallet.com was founded by Price Givens and Alex Charfen with the vision of making bitcoin easier to use. Mr. Charfen and Mr. Givens started their first business together managing customer funds in 1993 while attending California State University.

In the years since, Mr. Charfen and Mr. Givens have collectively acted as officers of public and private businesses with revenues exceeding $1 billion.






Saturday, December 15, 2018

Something for Nothing?

Well here it is! If you do a lot of surfing/browsing using in particular Google Chrome, there's now a browser available for most platforms which will do BitCoin mining without you having to lift a finger!
But further, if you get others to do the same using a link provided when the app is installed, you also earn from what your referrals do and that is what is known as residual income which you will get, no matter what you do at least for as long as the app is able to do the mining!

You can get the software/app here

I know of at least one person who referred more than 50 and now makes more than $1000 per month!

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Thailand - Investment Properties

This system listing properties in Thailand for investment went live today (30th November 2018) - see:-

The JAGeZe Blog

As a few have asked, this blog is on Google Blogger - blogger.com - all tools (editor/word-processor) are provided so bkog creation, editing etc is quite straightforward!

When I first bagan this blog I was using Adsense in an attempt to monetize it but Google banned me yet wouldn't tell me why - strange - maybe I did something wrong but I never intended to rip them off!

So in an attempt to monetize my blog I've added donate buttons for both BitCoin and PayPal and hopefully I can realize an income as most of you will know, earning a reasonable income on the internet is extremely difficult so I'll just have to wait and see what happens...

For those who have their own blog and wish to monetize consider firstly Google Adsense. I am blocked at the moment so I'm using:-
The best one for you depends on your blog platform, blog conent, hits etc - Good Luck!

I hope you enjoy my rants ;-) !

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Achieve 15-35% Saving on Fuel Usage

BoostUP Fuel Saving Device

Check out this innovative fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG - all vehicle sizes and types) saving device here where a saving of 15-35% is achievable!

Below are a number of videos mainly demonstrating how emissions are very much reduced!Unfortunately the videos are only in Thai but they do illustrate the cleaner exhaust emissions for example!

For more information and inquiries, click here
Further information also here 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Get FREE BitCoins

If you want free BitCoins for a little effort have a look at the two below but firstly you should get a BitCoin Wallet here.
Firstly, FREE BitCoin mining and get free BitCoins every hour on here - from $0.002 to $200 plus 50% residual for referring! Draws too!
Get free BitCoins here too!

Get free BTC using this browser (pays up to 10 levels referrals) here
Then there is a slot machine here!
Obviously with all you can make a lot more by referring people!

Another crypto earner is here - hourly win from 0.00001Ether up to 100Ether! Get 50% residual for referring! I have since found out that this is a SCAM and nver pays out - it just uses you to do a mining operation!

This and this are quite new and look interesting!

I am also working on a way to earn Monero with mining if anyone is interested!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Empowr Success Coach

The Empowr Success Coach
From http://empowr-tests.blogspot.com/2016/09/coaching.html
What Is A Success Coach?
What is a Success Coach and what do they do?
Success Coaches help other citizens learn how to succeed on empowr. Through helping others earn, Success Coaches help empowr achieve its mission – improving lives around the world.
How do you become a Success Coach?
To become a Success Coach, you need to first achieve success yourself, as well as demonstrate that you have thorough knowledge of the empowr platform.
Once you have reached the Orange Star Power Level, you’ll become eligible to take the Success Coach exam. By successfully completing the exam, you will officially become a Success Coach and will begin receiving clients to teach.

What are the responsibilities of a Success Coach?
    Answer client questions: Answer all questions within 24 hours, with the goal of answering them in 9 hours or less.
    Assist clients with strategizing how they can maximize their earning potential: empowr gives its citizens a lot of choices; specifically when it comes to paying fees and reaching power levels. It’s important that your client fully understand their goals, and how to achieve them.
    Moderate and approve ads and marketplace listings: Marketplace listings and ads should be moderated within 24 hours
    Stay updated: Read the SC Blog and the Presidential Blog to stay informed of any site updates or new features. Use the Learning Center as a resource to find answers.
    Be available: Coaches commit to being online every day (unless they're on vacation) to help other citizens succeed
    Be positive: Coaches must lead by example, and remain positive community citizens, and adhere to the Terms and Services.

See also http://empowr-tests.blogspot.com/2016/09/understanding-empowr-mission.html

Note that there's no mention of any compensation and I'm pretty sure now they don't do it for nothing! I am guessing that the Success Coach gets paid depending on how much their "students" actually sell or pay into the various Empowr scams such as "Mission Role" and "Mission Wheel"! It has been noticable for me that my last 3 Success Coaches have constantly spammed me to try and persuade me to pay into the various scams. I do believe that the only way for anyone to be paid decently in Empowr is to become a Success Coach as I'm sure the majority of them are "owed" considerable amounts by Empowr and feel that this is he only way to be paid, but then the question is,
have they actually made a real profit adding everything up?

At the end of the day they are only minions to Empowr and of course just because they have been scammed does not give them any rights at all to scam others!

Please see also http://jageze.blogspot.com/2017/11/the-biggest-ponzi-scam-on-net.html and

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Breach of Privacy from PayPal, Visa and MasterCard?

A Breach of Privacy from PayPal, Visa and MasterCard?

Apparently, unscrupulous "merchants" are able to view a client's credit worthiness without asking for permission to do so - this is not ensuring sufficient funds to carry out a succesful purchase!
I am a member of Empowr - see more here and under the guise of "account protection" they regularly request account validation - they used to do this by debiting $0.01 from the specified account and then crediting it directly and also saying what exactly would happen but since around June 2017 they just say a small amount will be debited and then credited but this amount is now $30 and not so small is it? Another user told me that it takes a few days for the $30 to be reimbursed too!

The only valid reason I can see for this is when a merchant offers a free trial period and asks for payment details in case the client is happy and wants to go further!
In the case of the Empowr "account protection", a blank cheque is in effect being signed allowing Empowr to plunder the account for any amount they see fit!
Notification of this was sent to PayPal, Visa and Mastercard  10th January 2018 and to date the correspondence has not been answered. Empowr have also been told a few times of this in the past with no satisfactory response!
All of this could possibly breach data protection laws in some countries too!
Surely this behaviour is breaching rules and or laws?
Also, as far as I am concerned, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard are seemingly supporting (by servicing payments) what is probably the biggest Ponzi type scam on the internet!
PayPal, Visa and Mastercard have been notified of this breach - some weeks ago but to-date none of them have come back with a response! Disgraceful!