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Friday, November 22, 2019

Looking for long term income? Become an owner of an Oil Well

The Saxon group is a 5 year old business that allows suitable investors to invest directly into oil well programmes in the United States. This is known as owning a Working Interest in an oil well. It is an established investment asset class in places like Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, etc. It's rare for international investors to gain access to this type of investment but we make it possible.

The investment proposal is simple: we invest into the development of a well, and we earn our return from the production on that site for as long as the well produces – in many cases as many as 25 years! The investment therefore creates a residual income for its owners. The well-known author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki – is also a prolific investor in these types of deals.

Please email us on the following info@fngassociates.com for the following: 

 • Corporate brochure on Saxon:
 • Brochure explaining Developmental wells:
 • FAQ's:

Some key highlights on our Group:

 • We have been actively operating since 2014
 • Thus far, we have successfully funded 9 different Series
 • We have a proven track record of payout to our investors
 • We feature on UK FCA regulated crowdfunding platforms
 • Low Investment entry, £5,000. 
 • Clients get access to profitable markets with a high barrier to entry, i.e. direct ownership of an oil well

For more information click here or see below.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Bonds in Tasmanian Mine

Please find details on an exciting, secured, investment opportunity for your clients. NQ Minerals have revenues YTD of USD 25M, with expected revenues of USD 47M for 2019. The company is offering  its secured bond offering for use in your clients portfolios - given the current market conditions, there are not many credible, asset backed, secured investment opportunities, with revenues to support the debt issuance.
Please find below information on the NQ Minerals investment grade, asset backed bonds and also the current factsheet and one page summary document. We can provide full IM’s and the investment grade rating documents at your request. 

NQ Minerals PLC (NXT: NQMI) is London based and currently listed on the NEX exchange. NQ Minerals intends to upgrade this to the AIM or LSE in Q4 2019.
NQ Minerals raises funding through the issue of a high yield bond that offers investors a fixed 12% return over a 5-year term.  


    Bond - Audley Funding 12% 2/2022
    Issued - 2017
    Coupon - 12% per annum, paid bi-annually for a 5-year term
    Status - Senior Secured Debt under English Law
    Rating - ‘A’ / Investment Grade
    Liquidity - Freely transferable
    Eligibility - Cash, UCITS, ISA, SIPP, SASS, QROPS, Portfolio Bonds, Investment Platforms

The Bond is secured against significant mining assets and to date all coupons have been paid on time and in full.


The company’s flagship project is the Hellyer Mine in Tasmania. At acquisition, the Hellyer project comprised a 9.25mt JORC (2012) compliant Resource and an in situ mothballed processing plant. Since acquisition the company has taken the mine to a 2019 YTD revenue of USD 25M, with predicted revenues for 2019 - USD 47M, 2020 -  USD 75M and 2021 - USD 80m

The company has a mission to acquire and develop a portfolio of productive mining assets based in Australia, with the aim of delivering significant shareholder value in the short, medium and long term. The Company has an experienced team of executives and non-executives to deliver these goals.

Each opportunity to develop a mining asset is rigorously appraised in order to ensure:
  • Attractive project returns
  • Growth in cash flow generation
  • Politically and fiscally stable environment

By putting the processing plant back into operation, NQ Minerals has gained unique opportunties to commercialise other tailing reserves and JORC resources in Tasmania. In addition, the company has access to other Gold and Silver mining projects in North Queensland which it is seeking to develop. Further information can be found at: www.nqminerals.com.

This is an exciting stage win the growth of NQ Minerals and we would like your clients to share in this story. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

For more information click here or see below.