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Monday, August 24, 2020

A Foray into ClickBank

 A Foray into ClickBank


In attempt to make some money and after much pondering, I decided to join ClickBank as an affiliate (initially)!

See my first attempts  here, here and here - I selected a couple of "niches"and wrote a small blog article for each area in the hope of attracting people - advertising, marketing, if you will! Links to these articles were then posted on FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter in the hope of attracting interest and thus prospective clients.

As an affiliate it is possible to earn up to 90% commission for a successful sale! Obviously this isn't an automatic "money for nothing" scheme and much has to be done in terms of marketing and advertising! ClickBank do however provide copious amounts of training material - videos etc! Their introduction is here!

I'll be looking at adding further niches, maybe my own "digital products", so if you're interested then watch this space!

To join ClickBank yourself, click here

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