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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

CryptoTab are getting GREEDY!

 CryptoTab are Getting Greedy

 If you don't already know, CryptoTab is a lightweight browser based on Google Chrome which while it is active will do BitCoin mining, thus earning a bit...

I've been using it a few years now on both Android and Windows. The Android version was changed by CryptoTab to do the mining using cloud servers speeding it up (thus earning more)!

Over the Christmas period last year they gave a "present" of 2x cloud mining speed but at the same time changed the continuous running to manual intervention every two hours...

When the gift expired it went back down to normal speed still with a manual intervention every two hours! This went down to every one hour a couple of weeks ago!

They then started bombarding ads and also interruptions to try and persuade me to pay for extra cloud mining speed (I do not know if extra cash would actually be made doing this!)!

Then today, imagine my shock when at the two-hourly manual intervention interval it then displays that there is a 10 minute queue waiting time!

So, at the end of the day, CryptoTab are getting greedy trying to coerce the users into actually paying for something CryptoTab already make a lot of money from! NOT good practice don't you think?

Wherever you look or go nowadays it's all about just ripping people off isn't it?

I'll now be looking at some alternatives - here is one but it isn't BitCoin Mining - have a look here

Now, to cap it all, CryptoTab Lite was introduced beginning July - people are forced to use it along with their VPN with the result being, 1/3 less hashes (thus earning rate slashed by 33%) and a considerable extra usage of phone power PLUS it slows down other apps on the device! THEIR GREED again as they are trying to force people to pay!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Preferential Shares in Medical Cannabis operation through a U.K. Company annual dividend 15%

Preferential Shares in Medical Cannabis operation through a UK Company annual dividend 15%
Global Medical Cannabis Market Rising Trends and Technology Advancement  2020-2027||Aurora Cannabis., Aphria Medical Cannabis, MedReleaf Corp,  CanniMed Ltd, United Cannabis – The Courier
We are excited to let you know about a new Preferential Share Offering that we've recently added to our distribution portfolio. Shareholders receive a 15% annual dividend and a projected 3 x value increase of their shareholding upon listing within 5 years.

Security is that this is an equity position, the cultivation farm is already valued at $12 million conservatively, based on a 2 x revenue calculation for 2021 as revenues for 2021 are projected at $6 million minimum up from revenues of $3 million in 2020. 
Market Highlights:
Since the reclassification of cannabis in Canada and the United States the global legal cannabis market has grown exponentially and is forecast to be worth at least $104 Billion by 2024, driven in the main by the burgeoning medicinal cannabis market accounting for $65 Billion+ in the same timeframe. Medicinal Cannabis is at the forefront of a new medical revolution, with over 60 plant derived cannabinoids being physiologically matched to the human body now being utilised for new pharmaceuticals and therapeutics treating over 50 of the worst conditions to afflict humanity, including; 
  • Cancer
  • Parkinsons
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Pain
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Arthritis 
  • Dementia and many, many more.
The largest pharmaceutical companies, known as Big Pharma, including Pfizer, Glaxo and Johnson & Johnson to name but a few, account for a $1.3 Trillion USD global market annually and all have 100’s of patents for medicinal cannabis derived products in multiple jurisdictions around the world.
Investment Highlights:
Clients are investing in a UK registered company that has undertaken full due diligence with high level corporate governance and verification. The application is for Preferential Shares that have a fixed annual dividend of 15% with an additional 10% profit related bonus for Series A shareholders. Preferential shares provide the perfect investment avenue of equity/debt hybrid, meaning the preferential shareholders hold direct equity/ownership over all company assets, contracts and revenues as well as ranking above ordinary shareholders in respect of any dividends payable or liquidation of assets.
Project is only open to restricted persons/companies being High Net Worth, Sophisticated or professional investors.
  • Socially, Responsible and Ethical alternative investment in a ground breaking medical revolution
  • $25,000 USD minimum investment
  • 15% Fixed Dividend per annum
  • Full equity ownership of revenue producing operation and assets
  • Up to 10% additional profit related bonus per year
  • Current revenue of $6 Million per year growing to $26 Million per year in line with planned expansion
  • Exit at year 5 with a projected tripling of capital investment
  • Attractive introducer commissions 
For details and full due-diligence please email info@fngassociates.com 

Make Some Ca$h At Home (or Anywhere)!

 Earn Money Cartoon High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

Just come across this - it runs on any device - Windows, Android and iOS! It uses the spare capacity on any device to run some data analysis for people who pay you for the privilege!

Get it here

These are good for earning too:-


Just found this one: here - crypto trading PLUS a miner (pays just less than 20 USDT per month) and you get 3 USDT for signing up, 10 USDT minimum payout!

A little to be made here too:

And yet another - looks very promising:
Earn Free Bitcoin
- many features - twice daily spin to win, a faucet, a PTC...