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Friday, July 30, 2021

Beat bank interest rates and purchase a UK Bonded Whisky Cask, enjoy 10+% p.a. returns

Beat bank interest rates and purchase a UK Bonded Whisky Cask, enjoy 10+% p.a. returns

There is clearly a demand for luxury Investments at present, which is being driven by the economic
uncertainty the virus outbreak has caused and the impact it's having on traditional asset classes from
clients seeking non-market correlated asset-backed safer alternatives.
And Whisky tops the list!
An opportunity exists for investors to purchase new-make spirit, fresh off the stills in 200L casks to hold for the medium to long term to sell in the future for a profit. Whisky value increases with age. We also have a selection of aged Cask to purchase, however the prices are naturally higher
Casks of Bladnoch Scotch Whisky £2,200 each, placed into an HMRC approved bonded warehouse on site at the distillery, and held for a minimum of 3 years, a requirement to be classified as “Scotch Whisky” After 3 years you have the option to sell for a much higher price, or your cask can be held for future sale at a greater price.

Purchase Highlights
  •     Investment Term - 3 - 30+ years
  •     Projected Returns - 10%+ p.a.
  •     Minimum Investment from - £2,200 (GBP per cask)
  •     Credit and Debit card purchase facilities
  •     Online Portal
  •     100% full ownership
  •     Fully insured against loss, theft, or damage for 10 years
  •     UK Capital Gains Tax exempt
  •     Stored in HHRC (UK Government) approved bonded warehouses
  •     Multiple exit options
  •     Open to all investors in every country. No, restrictions
If you would like to find out more please email here and we could set up a time for a short introductory chat.
For more details visit our website here

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

BitCoin is Having a Comeback

See the following informative Bloomberg interview:

Bitwise Asset Management Inc. CIO Matt Hougan discusses how Bitcoin is having a comeback despite UK's Financial Conduct Authority banning Binance Markets, an affiliate of the top cryptocurrency exchange Binance. He speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."

Non-Market correlated assets are a key part of clients portfolio. Asset-backed investments with validated collateral, low stock market correlation, managed by experienced asset managers, all with excellent returns. Recently we expanded our portfolio to include Corporate Loan facilities from $5M plus. 
We have global projects in Renewable, WTE, Mining, requiring Equity/Debt partners including a patented Lithium Extraction process from a sustainable source

To find out more or visit websites www.fngassociates.com , www.cfafinance.ie
More Regulatory Clarity Is Good for Crypto: Bitwise CIO

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