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Friday, November 26, 2021

Using PropellerAds to Monetize Your Site? WARNING

PropellerAds Integration


Using PropellerAds to Monetize Your Site? WARNING

I've been using PropellerAds for a number of years earning peanuts until at their invitation I implemented their Interstitial ads and then when I tried to access the account 25th November 2021 i got the message "Account Blocked".

I emailed them asking why my account was blocked and this was their reply:-
Thank you for your message. We are sorry to inform you that your account jag@jagjag.biz was banned from Propeller Ads based on point 8.2. of Propeller Ads T&C Clause 8. Fraudulent Activity (https://propellerads.com/terms/#pub-8) and your balance will be deducted in advertisers’ favor.

Your activity was flagged by our Policy and compliance as fraudulent. We cannot share detailed information about fraud since we need to protect our business intelligence. Please note that if we find new accounts from you in Propeller Ads, they will also be banned since multi-accounting is prohibited as well.

Unfortunately, this decision is final and cannot be disputed.

8. Fraudulent Activity


You are expressly prohibited from using any means, devices or arrangements to commit fraud, violate any applicable law, interfere with other affiliates or falsify information in connection with the Services or generating of remuneration or exceed your permitted access to Propeller Ads Service. You are forbidden from using any preference/method resulting to the re-direction of the user to your landing page when such user has at least once previously chosen through a certain action to leave your page. These prohibited activities include but not limited to: framing an ad-banner’s click-through destination, invisible iframe, auto-spawning of browsers, running “spiders”/”bots”, and automatic redirecting of users or any other technique of generating automatic or fraudulent click-through and/or impressions. Ads may not be placed on an automatically reloaded page. In any case Propeller Ads shall make all determinations about fraudulent activity in its sole discretion.

8.2. If Publisher is suspected in any fraudulent activity Propeller Ads shall have the right to ban Your Publisher Account, to withhold account balance and to take all necessary legal actions to restore the damage caused by this violation. All advertising campaigns carried out on Publishers websites with fraudulent activities are not subject for payment.

I had done nothing untoward and suspect that the PropellerAds "Fraud Detection" had picked up Google and Active Search Results bots busy indexing my webpages - I submit these frequently as the map data on some of the pages is still being uploaded!

I do use traffic exchanges in an attempt to improve SEO rankings and strangely, my pages and blog have been blocked on some perhaps due to PropellerAds - I cannot know for sure as the admins will never give exact details of why they have blocked a webpage! 

This all started shortly after I implemented interstitial ad after being invited to do so by PropellerAds - daily earnings jumped from peanuts to a few dollars!

28/11/21 PropellerAds now say they have checked everything (twice) and are still accusing me of fraud 😖😖😖 I had given them my sitemap URL and it was plain to see that they had done something with at as another 20,000 or so hits were clocked up yet they still continue with THEIR FRAUD!
29/11/21 Filed complaints at TrustPilot and BusinessOfApps

9/12/21 TrustPilot: Strange, PropellerAds want me to contact them (yet again) yet the last contact I had I was told that their decision was final!
10/12/21 TrustPilot:  At the request of PropellerAds, I contact them and they tell me that the account is permanently blocked so why did they ask me to contact them? 


I've found a very nice replacement here and another here

See reviews and complaints from others here:-

  • https://www.trustpilot.com/review/propellerads.com
  • https://www.businessofapps.com/ads/propeller-ads/
  • https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/propellerads.com

Note that there are similar complaints to mine so it might seem that PropellerAds do this to avoid paying out! In my case, the last time I was able to see my account, the balance was around $20!

I found this ad agency and so far, so good! 

I've told PropellerAds I will be writing this blog article, and then they told me they will get back to me regarding my account, so, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Friday, November 12, 2021

What If It Isn't Mankind?



Summer Solstice 2019: How Earth's Tilt and Orbit Create Seasons


What if they're WRONG with the CO2 malarkey?
The planet tilted some time ago, when and by how much I don't know, and maybe the tilt is still in progress (I found out about this a decade or more ago with the Inuit report that the sun rose and set in a different place than they were familiar with!)! The extreme north is now exposed to more sunlight which explains arctic and tundra melts and to prove it, the Antarctic is now forming more ice!

Also some areas are prone to rising sea levels but what if this is due to gravitational changes due to the tilt?

Yes, mankind should stop pumping its noxious shite into the atmosphere and dumping it into the seas and oceans BUT all these trillions the decarbonization will cost would be better spent on improving sea defences where it is viable to do so, irrigation where there's drought etc, etc!

So "experts", how does one untilt the planet - it is that or learn to live and adapt to what we now have!
Also bear this in mind: when the seas and oceans warm, more CO2 is expelled from the waters!
ALSO, without the CO2 to protect against the sun, the earth would be frazzled!

Isn't it strange that there's never a mention of this, extraterrestrial effects and even seismic events? No money in this for the greedy and corrupt of course!