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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Whiskey In The Jar?

Whiskey in the Jar as Thin Lizzy and others might ask?


 Well with the offers below, it ain't whisky as it's Scotch Whisky, nor is it in a jar as it's in a cask!

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So for the investor, collector or both then these offers really should be of interest!

  • There is clearly a demand for the liquid with reputable independent bottlers like Cadenhead's, Signatory, Douglas Laing, and That Boutique-y Whisky Company bottling single casks ranging from 8 years old to 28 years old. Balmenach has a growing audience and its value will only increase in time as the whisky matures and increases in rarity even more. Balmenach Whisky re-racked into a sherry hogshead cask
  • There is clearly a demand for luxury Investments at present, which is being driven by the economic uncertainty the virus outbreak has caused and the impact it's having on traditional asset classes from clients seeking non-market correlated asset-backed safer alternatives. And Whisky tops the list! Buy a cask of whisky - various ages available - far better rates than a bank


Also, see Forbes'"Investing In Whisky: A User's Guidehere


Are Whisky Barrels A Good Investment?: An Investment Guide | Mark Littler  Ltd 

Investing, collecting, or both...

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