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Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Hit and Run!

But Just any old Hit and Run?

Yesterday, Saturday 22nd January 22 in the late afternoon I decided to go on my bicycle for a few provisions to the 7/11 nearby (Saphan Sung, Bangkok). For some strange reason I went on the road instead of staying on the pavement, even though only for 200m or so.
The 7/11 is on the opposite side so on approaching, I looked behind, nothing close by so I stuck out my right arm to signal my intention to manoeuvre to the right and then kaboom! Something had hit my right arm! I didn't see what had hit me and it didn't stop, but my left handle grip hit the wing of a car parked on the left and I was thrown to the ground.

The trusty old steed, +/- 30 years old, bought in England, went to Germany, then the Netherlands and now Thailand!

The occupants of the parked vehicle that my handle grip had hit were quick to come and help me and borrowed a stool from a shop so I could sit down. Initially I felt ok until I saw my leg, feet and toes - scrapes and lesions, and then came the pain in my wrist...


I was told I had to wait for the insurance people but I did tell them that it wasn't my fault and they seemed to agree. 

When the insurance man arrived and after an inspection he showed me his phone with the amount THB 18,000 - wtf!

Anyway, then came the police and ambulances. As I didn't have my passport or phone on me they decided they would take me (and the bicycle) home. Unfortunately the family were away but once home I managed to contact them!

After much humming and ha-ing they then demanded THB 10,000 and eventually this and not the THB 18,000 was paid apparently by the sister-in-law's sister-in-law!

They had earlier asked me to sign a form admitting to liability which of course I refused to do!

They also wanted to take me to hospital but I instead bandaged my leg, ankle and wrist - I just did not fancy something stuck violently up my nose for the COVID-19 ritual! Sp I'll just have to see how it goes...

I am correct and stating that all of this was not my fault, aren't I?

BUT, why did the driver sideswipe me? Asleep? Drunk? Or something sinister?

Anyway at the end of the day, this little tale should perhaps serve as a warning to foreigners in Thailand! We aren't ATNs!