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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Litigation Finance as an Investment



Litigation finance, often known as litigation funding, is a mechanism used to fund a legal case, usually a civil case.

This funding is done by a third party who typically has nothing whatsoever to do with the case being financed and this funding is usually done by a third party company who has considerable expertise in this. See Wikipedia for more information. There's more information herehere and here too

Depending on the litigation being financed - amounts involved, strength of case etc, considerable returns on investment can be achieved but of course there can be considerable risk involved too ie case lost, investment lost, depending on the contract with the company in charge of the funding.

Quite often though it is a short term investment as many of these types of cases are actually settled out of court!

For very attractive investment possibilities, often high yield and short term see here.

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Monday, February 7, 2022

Free Crypto - YES FREE!

133,079 Crypto Currency Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Free Crypto!

The following 3 also include Airdrops of varying sizes, FREE! You could of course invest in them too. How ill they do? Who knows but in any case, at least something for nothing


If you want to try crypto mining, in this case BitCoin, have a look at   here - this runs on virtually all platforms and uses the cloud on mobile platforms. You can pay to increase the speed but I do not know how profitable this is!

My old favourite   click here Win between $0.002 and $200 hourly with handsome rewards if you refer people. They also have their FUN token which seems to be doing very well! The site has lots of other ways to make money, including gambling!

I've had a few hundred dollars out of it PLUS I now move my winnings to FUN tokens! It's worth reading all about the FUN token as maybe it would be worth your while investing here!

Some more info in general about crypto here.